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FINAL WARNING: A History of the New World Order


Little does this country know, it has been infiltrated by conspirators. Members of an organization, who, for over 238 years, have controlled the destiny of the United States– and are now poised for the establishment of a one-world socialist government– with them in control. It sounds unbelievable, like something out of a James Bond movie, yet, it is a fact. A fact that the media has refused to publicize, even attempting to cover it up and deny its very existence.


In 1910, a group of International Bankers secretly met on a small island off the coast of Georgia. Their plan: to formulate a program to destroy the financial structure of America. To do that, they manipulated Woodrow Wilson into the presidency; and in 1913, Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Income Tax. In 1921, these International Bankers established the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The U.S. Government took advantage of the CFR's experience in finance and foreign affairs, and one of their study groups became part of the State Department in 1941. The secret goal of this study group was to condition the Congress, and the people of this country to accept the establishment of the United Nations (UN). The UN, initiated in 1945, does not seek to promote world peace and cooperation– it was the first step towards a one-world government that is being sold to us as a New World Order. The CFR is a subsidiary of the Round Table Organization, a group of British elitists, who are a continuation of the Order known as the Illuminati. They have been controlling world events. They control world leaders and the money that runs their countries. They can elect a President, and they can kill a President. They can shut-off the oil, they can shut-off the food– they can plunge the world into war. Even though they operate under the strictest secrecy, their goals have been known for over 2,000 years.


Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State, National Security Advisor and author of a number of books on foreign policy, who is a frequent guest with the PBS interviewer Charlie Rose; appeared on his show on Friday, March 23, 2007, in the first of a series of interviews with various politicians, on the future of America’s Foreign Policy and its role in the world, called A Memo to the Next President. Kissinger said (in the last few minutes of the show): “Yes, we are living in a period of tremendous turmoil now. But I think that at the end of this administration (Bush), with all its turmoil, and at the beginning of the next, we might actually witness the creation of a New World Order, because people, looking in the abyss, even in the Islamic world, have to conclude that at some point, ordered expectations must return under a different system.”


Nothing you have ever read before will prepare you for what you are going to read here. Most books on the subject just get you to stick your toe in the water and wiggle it around a little  this book pushes you into the deep end of the pool! This seminal work still stands alone as the definitive reference compendium on the origin and history of the Illuminati, the New World Order, and their efforts to establish one-world government. Approaching the subject from a pragmatic point of view, this book takes you step-by-step through history to give you a concise explanation about how their plan is being accomplished. Do you want to know why, even though a new President is elected, or the majority in the Congress changes, things don't seem any different? When you hear that ‘They’ are responsible for something, do you want to know who ‘They’ are? Learn about the origin and history of the New World Order, and how they are driving an unsuspecting world towards the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Order directly from Progressive Press, or from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.